Let's talk Sis

I understand why you're here. You're looking for some shit you can feel. Something someone understands that relates to you. You want it real and you want it raw. You are the sister trying to figure it out, trying to keep it all together while getting herself together. And at this level of yourself, you're trying to keep from making what you for sure know now as "the same ole mistake". You're raising families, trying to heal past your childhood traumas, embrace things that you can't even describe that you're feeling, tell yourself all the damn affirmations a woman trying to heal can tell herself and though you know you're not the same, you're real tired of the familiar. If you're here, you want it real and raw, with all kinds of love and sisterhood to enjoy along the journey. You're in the right spot. Now... let's get to work, starting now.

Today I want to feel...


Self Love is the Best Love! Let's start the process of getting there.


No more trying to fit in where it doesn't feel good. You are ready to accept who you have been and work on your better. But without the rules and guidelines that set limitations to your inner goddess.


A lot of peace can go a long way. The journey is worth it.

What other sisters are saying...

"They say when you are ready for something, to ask the Universe for it, and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, that's what happened for me. Benisha was the first woman that I openly spoke to from my soul. I couldn't lie to her.

Nikisha Handy

2 Inspire Peace, Purpose Passion Pursuit Program

"Your love and commitment to seeing the best in me forced me to deal with myself. I tried new things. Met new people. I healed from my pain and connected to my purpose. I will always be grateful for you sis. And I love you the long way.

Amber Pinkney

D.O.V.E., iSupport Program

"I had the pleasure of meeting Benisha at a salon initially and loved her transparency so I attended her Cosmo & Convo meetups one night. It was so refreshing to hear from MEN at the time and to hear them openly speak about dating.

Tiffany Nash

XXXI Beauty, The Sisterhood Circle